The Missions App
The Missions App

Tools for missionaries and volunteer teams

Our aim is to provide a suite of tools to allow missionaries and volunteer teams to collaborate on managing mission trips.


Easily manage from 1-1000 teams (churches, associations, student unions, etc.). Store team contact information and team member data on our secure servers for easy retrieval.


Keep tabs on all of the trips that your teams have planned: When do they arrive? Who’s meeting them at the airport? Being able to print out trip summaries for when you’re away from your computer just makes life easier.


Teams can set up and manage their own logistics (lodging, transportation, money exchange) with trusted local providers. System-generated emails are sent in the local language to help minimize communication errors.


Group your teams together and give them the power to collaborate with one another in their ministries. Share trips, reports and data about your teams’ people groups/areas.


Keep an up-to-date list of available interpreters and send trip assignment requests to them from within the app. Give your teams the ability to get to know their interpreter(s) before they land on the field with interpreter profiles.


Create custom reports based on post-trip data provided by your teams. Quickly discover how many new church plants your ministry has been involved in within the last six months. Or get a count of the total number of volunteers you’ve received since your ministry began.